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terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012

Hello simsters!

Hello everyone, this is actually my second entry, more of a re-entry of the first one.
I created this website so I could share my creations, and by creations I mean sims 3 poses, worlds and clothes, but especially poses. The entire content I might upload has my name on it, as I say “don´t steal other´s ideas, and hopefully, they´ll do the same”. You won´t find any fabulous hairstyles or exclusive houses in here though, so if you´re looking for that, sorry to disappoint you.
I am a Portuguese female student, 18 years old (I´m using English because it´s easier to “spread the word in the internet”, I´m already sorry by the mistakes you might find). A couple of weeks ago I decided to create sims 3 poses, because the ones I have and see, are always missing something that for me makes a difference. Besides that I´m also learning how to work with clothes and worlds, so I´ll post that in here as well. All my stuff will not only be inspired byanime anime characters but also by the Enchanted Dolls from Marina Bychkova .Take a look at her brilliant work in here.
Now, imagine a twelve pose pack where all the poses are just awful, except for one, that one is just lovely and you really want it! The bad thing is that you have to download the whole pack, and sometimes you can´t even delete the ones you don´t want! Well friend, this won´t be happening in here, my pose sets will be very small if not single. And I´ll try to pay extra attention to details when creating a new pose, which in my opinion is essential for an awesome pose.
I won´t be able to dedicate too much time to this project, because I´m student and all, so I might just post two or three things each month, if not less. Anyway, I´m already working on a couple of poses because as you can see, this blog is empty. But it won´t be for too long! Feel free to comment about my creations and even download them, just don´t make them your own.

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