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domingo, 24 de agosto de 2014

Spider Call Accessory

Hey again simmers, i hope everything is alright in that side of the screen :)
 > Spider Call < 
This is the present I made for you this time, its something I felt like having in my game because spiders are such an adorable tiny little thing to have in my game - unless they´re real.
Don´t forget to check the notes!

(click on the pictures to make them bigger)

This is actually a small collection of three: a necklace, a ring and gloves. The accessory is the same for all, what changes is the place and the type (that way you can still wear the three of them if you want).

º Notes º
The Spider Call Collection contains:

  • ArmSpider_JuBa_0o
    • Big spiders all over the neck, arms and hands
    • Teen-Elder
    • Male/ Female
    • Accessory-Necklace
  • FaceSpider_JuBa_0o
    • Tiny spiders all over the face
    • Teen-Elder
    • Male/ Female
    • Accessory-Ring
  • HandSpider_JuBa_0o
    • Small spiders all over the neck and hands
    • Teen-Elder
    • Male/ Female
    • Accessory-Gloves
>>> You know the drill: this mod was made from scratch, so if you want to modify or recolor it, please ask me <<<
Download Spider Call by JuBa_0oº
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segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2014

Digital Face Accessory

Long time no see guys, im still active though, Im running a check on the latest comments so if you´re waiting for a response from me, check your reply below it :)
I have seen some pictures about this really great game I have been expecting - Dreamfall Chapters: The Loungest Jorney - and I noticed this weird digital thing on someone´s face: 

And basically, this is where the idea came from (all credit to it). This is a brand new mod, meaning it was created from scratch so if you want to use it, ask me first - as usual.

Don´t forget to read the notes, and comment if you would like to leave a feedback about it ;) have fun!

º download link º

º Notes º
- Teen - Elder
- Male/ Female
- Accessory = Necklace
- Five textures 

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