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sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2012

Non-Default Animal Skin

Hey guys, here you have at last: my first published skin :-)
You see, this is not a perfect skin, I mean, I never made skins before! But I´m pretty proud of this project because it gave me a loooooot of work and honestly, I think the female version is just perfect, because that´s where I started, at first I didn´t even wanted a male version, I didn´t even wanted to upload this skin! But then I started to imagine the stories I could make with an sims 3 animal family, and that just wouldn´t be fair to you guys because a lot of people asked for this skin ever since the cats pose pack was released, so here you have. You´ll probably find better skins with the supernatural pack with real fur and real animal ears, but in the meantime, this will do right? xD
I hope you like it guys and if you do, please give me some love :-3
Have fun :-)

 Download Animal Skin by JuBa_0oº

Skin Info
- Non-default
- Toddler > Elder
- Two tone ramps 
- Barbie version only

ºo0 Please do not re-upload my stuff, link back to this blog 0oº

segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2012

Passion Model pose pack

This is my first "modelling" pose pack, I usually create poses for stories. These are individual poses that I created for my own photoshoots and I decided to share with you in a single pack :-) hope you like it.
By the way from now on it will be easy for you to check all of my poses!
Select “Downloads” > “Quick link to Poses” and then just click on the pose pack you want to see!
Or you can click directly in the “Poses” section in the header and have a full look at all my poses.

You can use these poses with teens, young adults, adults, and elders. (and children if you want them to be disfigured)
You can use these poses for women or/and men
Press ALT to freely move the sims around, and "moveobjects true/on" cheat to pick them up.

- High waist jeans by Keliet at Sims Pendly

Download Passion Model pose pack

terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012


So, I decided to collect some of my most rated works so you can get a quick summary about my style :)
Click on the pictures to travel to the download page of each content.



Pose Packs:




All of this and much more in the "Downloads" button above
All content created by JuBa_0oº
Please do not redistribute in paysites or claim them your own - check my policy -

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