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sábado, 15 de novembro de 2014

Faun Tail* and Faun Legs*

Hey guys, whats up?
Some time ago, some simmers asked me for my faun legs without the tail that came with it, it was actually a pretty simple task to do: open milkshape, remove the tail, export to TSRW, save as package - but I´m sorry for taking so long, I started working recently 9 to 5 as they say, and I really didnt have the time to do it before.
But finally, here it is! A brand new mesh for the faun tail (used as an accessory) and my faun legs without the tail (still used as lowerbody).

Please don´t forget to read the notes about each content before downloading it!

º Faun Tail º
- Accessory - bracelet 
- Male/ Female
- Teen - Elder
- All morphs
- Recolorable

º Faun Legs º
- Clothing - Lowerbody
- Male/ Female
- Young adult - Adult
- All morphs
- Recolorable
- You can have both this version and the one with the tail in the game

To download my full collection (faun feet, makeup, tattoo and top)
click here > Project Faun

Download Faun Tail and/or Faun Legs 
by JuBa_0oº
(and follow me on tumblr for more updates ;-))

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