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segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2014

Erminia Set - Zeno Clash Edition

Hey simmers, once again I come back to bring you something :)
Do you guys know about Zeno Clash?
Well, if you like gaming, you should.
And if you know about Zeno Clash, then you know about the Corwid of the Free. That fantastic group of weirdos that are not "slaves of the humanity" as Ghat once says. Anyway, I had this really old wish about turning Erminia into sims3, and today I was finally able to fullfil this old desire of mine:

This Set contains: 
Erminia Head Accessory, original mesh by me, available for male/ female, teen-elder and recolorable
Erminia Top (if you can even call it that), original texture by me, available for female only, young adult - adult, also recolorable

I hope you guys enjoy it :)

Download > Erminia Set < by JuBa_0oº

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domingo, 12 de outubro de 2014

Bloody Gloves

What´s up simmers? Having a good night/? Enough of chit chat, I dropped by to give you another *singing* preseeeeent!
I felt like having some beautifully long and grotesque hands in the game for my sims, so I decided to make these:


- Female only
- Teen/ Y. Adult/ Adult/ Elder
- Accessory > gloves
- Two variations (one of them is recolorable)

Download Bloody Gloves by JuBa_0oº
(and follow me on tumblr for more creepy stuff ;))
Have fun!

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