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terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2012

Granma´s house - photoshoot

The girls decided to visit their granma....(testing my first skin) :-)

ººº These and more in my gallery ººº

sábado, 16 de junho de 2012

Bee & Ladybug face maks

Again I felt connected with the nature and I decided to share with you my new babies: bee and ladybug face masks. Available at MTS as well.

Ladybug face mask Info:
It has two recolorable channels
It´s available to women, young adult-adult (I WILL UPDATE!)
You can use it with any type of body

bee face mask Info:
It has three recolorable channels
It´s available to women, young adult-adult (I WILL UPDATE!)
You can use it with any type of body

How to install?
º Place the .packages files inside your Packages folder ( Documents > EA > Sims 2 > Mods > Packages)
º Run the game and look for your item in the make up section, masks.

Download Bee face mask by JuBa_0oº          Download Ladybug face mask by JuBa_0oº

sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

Lovable Game Pose Pack

Hey guys, here you have my latest pose pack, hope you like it :-) available at MTS as well.

Lovable Game Pose Pack

You can use these poses with teens, young adults, adults, and elders. (and children if you want them to be disfigured)
You can use these poses for women or/and men (all of them)
It has a pose list (like all my other uploads) so all you need for this to work is the game and pose player
Press ALT to freely move the sims around, you will also need the "moveobjects true" cheat to pick them up.

Download Lovable Game Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº

quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2012

Sim: Miwako from Paradise Kiss

Let me introduce you to Miwako Sakurada from Paradise Kiss:
Miwako once appears wearing a really charming dress from her sister´s brand, Happy Berry, and she tells us is studying to become a designer (just like Mikako Sakurada, her sister). She is very sweet and kind, and tends to act in a rather childlike manner.
Miwako style is very alternative, inicially we see her dressed very lolita like, but then we learn that she actually wears whatever she feels like (never losing sight of accessories like bows, frills, knee high socks, hair clips, necklaces, etc). She is one of the most cutest anime characters I know, which is why I decided to share my Miwako sim with you. I tried to keep her pretty realistic and not so anime like. Feel free to leave your feedbacks about her :-)

Skin B3.0 by LemonleafEyes by Breyete, Eyebrows by S-club, Blush by EA, Eyeliner by Sasha. J, Lipstick by Elexis, Hair by AikeaGuinea, Necklace and earrings by EA, Large bow by Lemonleaf, Dress by JuBa_0oº,Stokings and Shoes by SoftrainNails by Mallow

Neck slider by Bella3lek4 (hosted LadyFrontBum's site)
AWT geom lip sliders here
Hermi lip shape slider at The Sims Cave (lately the site has been down, so here is another link)

Notes: Each download comes with a .sims3pack and a .sim file. Pick one of them.

You can download Miwako_1 (normal) or Miwako_2 (CC free*).
* You will still need to download the sliders!

(Select to download)

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