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segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012

Interview with Desi Heart!

With our usual host James Blanket!

James- Hey there, welcome to "RED CARPET TALK". Once again we brought a rising celebrity to tell us a bit more about herself. She is a model and she sure knows how to win your heart, let´s welcome Desi Heart! So Desi, for someone who just started this career, you have been quite busy.

Desi- Hey James, first of all, thank you for having me here, it´s my very first TV interview!

James- Really? Right, you are pretty new at this right?

Desi- Yes, I just signed up with a fashion designer a few weeks ago and I already have so much work: photoshoots, runaway shows, I don´t even believe it, it feels like a dream!

James- You worked really hard to get this far right? What do you have to do as a model to stay healthy and still eat whatever you feel like? Because I know you have a thing for cakes. ;-)

Desi- Well yes, I love sweets and cakes and that is an horrible addiction to a model so I force myself to work out every day at least for an hour, I don´t really like it but its very important for a model to have her body (and face) looking perfectly clean. So I can eat basically everything I want as long as I´m able to lose it afterwards.

James- I see, by the way, you were introduced to your public as Desi Heart but that´s not your real name right?

Desi- Exactly, my real name is Desirée Heart  but I always felt like it was a reeeally long name (giggle) so one day I saw myself introducing me as Desi Heart to people, I thought it would be easier for them to remember.

James- And it is! So tell me, what will we see from you? You are working as a model but I heard you have an amazing voice as well!

Desi-(giggle) well, I´ve been talking some things with my manager about that, but I´m not sure yet, I think I should focus on one thing at the time. When the time comes I might do something as a singer indeed, I always wanted to become a pop idol, but then again, I have no background history of that so I don´t even know how to start.

James- Don´t worry honey, with your talent and looks I´m sure it won´t be hard. Alright thank you for this precious time we spent, I´m pretty sure we will meet again in a few months, I wish you the best of all sweetie.

Desi- Thank you so much James!

James- Now for our audience: as always we have a small gift for you, if you find the missing number from our usual WINITALL game you get this awesome poster of Desi Heart! Don´t miss the next part of the show, we will be waiting for you and so will the prizes!


terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2012

New Body Suit!

Hello :-)
Today I thought I should share with you something I´ve been using for my fantasy photo shoots, my new Body Suit:

- Available for teens, young adults, adults and elders;
- Two desgins each with three recolorable channels;
- Only for women;
- Custom thumbnails included

(Click to Download)

Comments and feedbacks are welcome :-)
By the way, I just created a tumblr account! Visit me

sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

Cats Pose Pack

Here I am with another pose pack guys,
I´ve been reading Wolfgang and Heike Hohlbein´s book ANDERS, and I just fell in love with Katt, she´s so sweet and tough and brave (and stubborn!) and I just wanted to do something simish with her! So I´ve been working on an animal skin (you can check on it above in the slide) and I just couldn´t find the right poses for her, so that´s why I created this new pack for you (well it was basically for me, but I like to share ^_^).
I´m actually pretty proud of it, I wanted something animal like, but sweet and delicate at the same time, and I think I got it all in it! xD
Hope you find it as useful as I did! Feel free to leave a feedback about it  :-)
(hopefully availabe at MTS in a couple of days)

Cats Pose Pack

Download Cats Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº

sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2012

Oh Lord Pose Pack

Here´s another pose pack guys (stored in my folders for a couple of months) inspired by Apolo and the nymphs paiting.
Feel free to comment :-)

Download Oh Lord pose pack by JuBa_0oº

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