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domingo, 26 de maio de 2013

Grunge Fashion Collection

Oh god I can´t even believe it´s finally done xD
I have so many many stuff to do, I just can´t find the timeeeee
I already have another collection to finish along with some pose packs and other stuff so...yhea, I´ll pay you to sing, dance, act and become a human statue for me during this week. (anyone?)

ºo0 Grunge Fashion Collection 0oº

º Tobacco Earrings (male/female, young adult/adult/elder, adjust size with the ear slides from the game, original mesh by Aikea Guinea at Club Crimsyn)
º Tobacco Necklace (male/female, young adult/adult/elder, original mesh by Aikea Guinea at Club Crimsyn)
º Pointy Ring (female, young adult/adult, left hand, mesh by JuBa_0oº)
º Cross Sunglasses (female, teen/young adult/adult/elder, mesh by JuBa_0oº) I WILL MAKE IT AVAILABLE FOR MALES

º Zipper Shorts (female, teen/young adult/adult, morphs included, original mesh by MKitten)
º Drunk Tee (female, teen/young adult/adult, morphs included, mesh by JuBa_0oº)
º XL Tee (female, teen/young adult/adult, morphs included, mesh by JuBa_0oº)

- No steal, no re-upload, no claiming as your own and ask me if you want to use these meshes (not all meshes are mine, see the details about each item above)
- Instructions and more detailed pictures inside the download
- Comments and feedbacks are very welcome ^_^

Thank you´s:
Aikea Guinea and MKitten for the original meshes :-)

Download Grunge Fashion Collection by JuBa_0oº

Stay tuned for more and follow me on Tumblr if you think mexican hamsters are sexy

 Damn you...

4 comentários:

  1. Hi JuBa. Forgive me please but when you put your model from a set of Grunge Fashion Collection? I personally liked only two model bortolami hair( tobacco neck.lace) and cinnamon hair(drunk tee). Unless of course you don't need. Waiting for a reply from you.

  2. The collection is quite specific and extraordinary in its direction, but teenagers will appreciate this type.


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