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quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012

Sadako Ghost pose pack + List

Hey guys, I finally learned how to make a pose list so NO MORE POSES WITHOUT POSE LISTS!
Feeling so happy right now :-)  feel free to download my new pose pack: Sadako Ghost Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº
Let me tell you a little more about Sadako, she is the creepy hair character you see in The Ring movies.

“In the original novel, Sadako is a hermaphrodite. In both the novels and movies, it is hinted that she is the daughter of some oceanic based entity, making her a quasi-oceanic demigod. Her name combines the Japanese words for "chaste" (sada) and "child" (ko)” (read more at wikipedia).

She is also the only entity who can make me scared, no kidding. I´ve seen a lot of terror movies (my room is full of them), and I never got scared until I saw the Ring, and I mean really scared! I don´t know why but she fascinates me and freaks me out at the same time.

 Curiosity: I´ve seen characters who look like Sadako in 70% of the horror, psych, terror Asian movies I´ve watched, I wonder why? No, really, there is always a girl with black long hair haunting something or someone. Hell, I´ve seen Sadako in games, like We<3Katamari!

 Anyway, let her scare your sims. More detailed pictures of the poses inside the download.
….Seven days….until you die….

Download Sadako Ghost Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº

CC (all free):
Sadako Hair by Anubis (scroll down the page)

segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

Monster Pose Pack + List

Everytime I play with my sims I think “uau, sims have such a peaceful life…” and it gets me bored sometimes, that´s why I like to do different things for them, this time I made a Monster Pose Pack for their moonlight walks at the abandoned park :-P They just need a little more excitement in their lifes, and I´m glad I did something about it, now I want to share it with you guys.
Have fun with my Monster Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº

Before downloading this content make sure you have everything needed for these poses to appear correctly in the game, read the INSTRUCTIONS.

Download Monster Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº

sábado, 21 de janeiro de 2012

Magical Transformation Pose Pack + List

Today I´ll present you with my third pose pack (why didn´t I post the second one? well, it´s not finished). I am a big fan of Sailor moon, Sakura Card Captors, Mermaid Melody and all those animes where you can find some magical girls with really cool powers, so this is a tribute for them (Thank you mahou shoujo for existing!). Here you have my Magical Transformation Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº
Before downloading this content make sure you have everything needed for these poses to appear correctly in the game, read the INSTRUCTIONS.

Five transformation poses for your magical sim, Moon Crystal Power, Make Up! It´s time to fight the dark forces!

Download Magical Transformation Pose Pack by JuBa0oº

CC (all free):
 “Leather Corset with Belt for Young Adult and Adult Females” by The Sims Key
 “PeggySpecial - July09 Converted/Fixed!” By My Blue Book
 “YU003 Genius f” by Newsea
 “*free*Newsea Babette Female Hairstyle” by The Sims Resource
 “*free*Newsea Physical Female Hairstyle” by The Sims Resource
 “Peggy Hair 553 ~ Pooklet'd for all ages” by Anubis Under The Sun

Instructions - Pose Packs installation

What is pose player?
Pose player is a device created for people who like to take sims 3 ingame screenshots. People can use those screenshots to create stories or just for fun. Once you install it in your game, you can buy pose player from the buy mode, inside the décor section.
Can I create my own poses?
Of course you can, it might be hard at first because you need to know the basic concepts like rigs and meshes, etc. But it gets easier once you manage to do it right. Read this tutorial to start.

Before downloading pose packs make sure you have:

How to use your poses ingame
Without a Pose List:
- Place the ".packages" files inside your Packages Folder (Before running the game);
- Buy pose player from the decor section;
- Have the "moveobjects" cheat on, to move your sims around;
- Click on the pose player and choose the "Pose by name" option;
- Write the name of the pose (the name list is inside the download) ex: a_sereia
- Make sure you save your new pose by clicking on the pose player again and selecting "My List" and then "Add current pose to My List"

With a pose List:

- Place the ".packages" files inside your Packages Folder (Before running the game);
- Buy pose player from the decor section;
- Have the "moveobjects" cheat on, to move your sims around;
- Click on the pose player and choose the "Select a Pose" option, and select your pose :-)

sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2012

Mermaids&Nymphs Pose Pack + List

Hey guys, today I was finally able to upload my packs through You can still find them at Mod The Sims. So here you have my first pose pack: Mermaids & Nymphs pose pack by JuBa_0oº.
Before downloading this content make sure you read the instructions
Six poses specially created for your magical beings. You can use them above or under water.

Download Mermaids & Nymphs Pose Pack by JuBa

C (all free):
YU003 Genius f at Newsea
PeggySpecial - July09 Converted/Fixed! at My Blue Book
*free*Newsea Babette Female Hairstyle at The Sims Resource
*free*Newsea Physical Female Hairstyle at The Sims Resource
Mermaid tail by Gamesir found at Sims Cave (need to be registered to download it)


terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

Picture This! Contest and new ideas...

I decided to enter the picture this contest in Mod The Sims a few days ago, my eyes were not on the prize, but I thought it would be nice to win something for a change. So I got my brain working, googled several anime pictures and tried to make a composition out of 6 or 7. I had some very nice ideas, but I could only use two of them and the other contestants were actually PRETTY GOOD. I downloaded a lot of stuff I didn´t need, spent hours thinking about the perfect sims and the perfect scenery for each song title and by the end, I managed to choose two of my drawings as the winning couple:


Yesterday I start creating the poses I needed for the scenes and I had a brilliant idea: I decided this week´s pose pack would be about Mermaids (or if you don´t have one, Nymphs).
I already submitted my pack to Mod The Sims so in a couple of days it will be available for download. Be prepared…next time will be about night creatures…

Here you have the final stage of the pictures, they actually came out  interesting...



terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012

Hello simsters!

Hello everyone, this is actually my second entry, more of a re-entry of the first one.
I created this website so I could share my creations, and by creations I mean sims 3 poses, worlds and clothes, but especially poses. The entire content I might upload has my name on it, as I say “don´t steal other´s ideas, and hopefully, they´ll do the same”. You won´t find any fabulous hairstyles or exclusive houses in here though, so if you´re looking for that, sorry to disappoint you.
I am a Portuguese female student, 18 years old (I´m using English because it´s easier to “spread the word in the internet”, I´m already sorry by the mistakes you might find). A couple of weeks ago I decided to create sims 3 poses, because the ones I have and see, are always missing something that for me makes a difference. Besides that I´m also learning how to work with clothes and worlds, so I´ll post that in here as well. All my stuff will not only be inspired byanime anime characters but also by the Enchanted Dolls from Marina Bychkova .Take a look at her brilliant work in here.
Now, imagine a twelve pose pack where all the poses are just awful, except for one, that one is just lovely and you really want it! The bad thing is that you have to download the whole pack, and sometimes you can´t even delete the ones you don´t want! Well friend, this won´t be happening in here, my pose sets will be very small if not single. And I´ll try to pay extra attention to details when creating a new pose, which in my opinion is essential for an awesome pose.
I won´t be able to dedicate too much time to this project, because I´m student and all, so I might just post two or three things each month, if not less. Anyway, I´m already working on a couple of poses because as you can see, this blog is empty. But it won´t be for too long! Feel free to comment about my creations and even download them, just don´t make them your own.

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