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terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013

Cross Sunglasses - Men Edition

Really quick post:
I just remembered I needed to get these converted, so here it is :-)
Please do not modify the mesh, claim as your own or re-upload this - link back to me

click on the image to make it larger

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quinta-feira, 25 de julho de 2013

Sim: No Face from Spirited Away

Studios Ghibli fans willl love this ^_^
I was playing with masks (which seems to be my thing lately) and something just pop into my head like a whisper saying "No faceeee...".so I decided to follow that voice and here you have.
I did not save him as a sim.package because honestly making sims is such a pain for me, I just don´t do it more often because all the cc gathering just makes me scream "kill me now please".Anyway let´s take a look at the content:

(click on the pictures to make them larger)

The "No Face" folder should contain:
- a_noface_pose
- No_Face_fullbody
- No_Face_Mask
- NullShoesNude
Info about the content:

 It contains a single pose which is No Face offering gold to Chihiro (no objects included). It does not have a pose list, so you need to click on the pose player, select "Pose By Name..." and write "a_noface_pose".

 The body mesh from No Face. It´s a fullbody non-recolorable cloth. It stays the same for all morphs and it´s only available for men, young adult to elder. It does not cover your sims´ entire face so you really need the mask.

 The non-recolorable mask mesh from No Face, it stays the same for all morphs and its listed as glasses accessory . You can change it´s shape with the hat grip control slider from AWT. Available for men, young adult to elder.

 A mod that makes your sims´ feet disappear. You don´t really need it though ´cause you can hardly see the shoes with the No Face fullbody mesh, but still.

Ups!Some glitches...

 This was a real challenge for me, I made the body mesh completely from scratch and after doing this I feel like a more skilled mesher (I know it looks quite simple but believe me it´s not).

So...yhea the glitches. His arms might look weird from some angles (don´t know what happened there) so be carefull...and his mask might show some strange shadows but you can easily solve that by playing around with the lights. By the way, I´ll tag this download as a "Sim" even though it is not, so if you want to search for him in the future just go to "Downloads" > "Sims" ok?

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terça-feira, 23 de julho de 2013


Demon: I´ll eat you alive...
Kagura: Ganpai! xD
Mickey: Donald, are you nuts? What's going on here?
Barbie: Wanna play with me?

These are the charaters involved in my latest download - Who?Masks 
I just thought I needed some creepy masks in my game.
(More coming by the way)
You know the rules, no stealing, no re-uploading, no claiming as your own, et cetera et cetera.
Have fun :-)

 (click on the pictures to make them larger)

by JuBa_0oº

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(hahah just kidding...or not. No, I´m really kidding, I don´t really like Barbie that much, she´s  just a whole bunch of...blondeness for me lool)

Say what biatch??

º Lovely Information about the content º
- male/female
- teen/young adult/ adult/ elder
- accessory>glasses
- mesh by me, you may use it but please give me credit

Next on SimMist: No Face from Spirited Wayyy... 

sexta-feira, 5 de julho de 2013

Sim: Effy Stonem from The Skins

Two days ago innocent-madness asked me "Can you make effy stonem from the skins uk, a sim? :3"
And I was like: that´s actually a pretty good idea! (But then I never created a human based sim before...not sure if this will work out) Anyway I decided to take a chance and make my own version of Effy. I didn´t loose a lot of time picking up her outfits or her traits cause I wanted to focus on her physical apperance, which turned out...funny *ahem* but hey I did my best!
So today I bring you Elizabeth Stonem, Tony´s little sister, known as the ultimate femme fatale from all the Skins seasons. She is quietly dangerous and super hot so you better watch out for her.

Everything you need for her is inside the download folder but here´s a cc list anyway:º Fishnet Socks (SIMPLE) by Arwen0423 º Eyebrow 121127 by Cstylesº Cazy Hair #90 retexture by Jennisimsº Autumn Lace Boots by Elexisº Short Nails by Aikea Guineaº Lip N55 and Eyes N60 by Tifaº Freckles part 1 by Vasillaº Skin Naughty by Lady Frontbumº Eyeliner (not sure which number, but the download has it all) by SLUº Eye Baggage by robokitty (Kitty Klan)  
Here´s the original Effy ^_^

Download Effy Stonem by JuBa_0oº
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quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2013

Punk Jacket

Hola Ola Hi Hallo Hei 
Do nothing never felt so good haha 
And just ´cause I feel like it, here you have a new present: 

^ Click on the pictures to make them larger and please read carefully the info image ^

Big thanks to Jinglestark and Mkitten for allowing me to use their stuff <3
Have fun :-)

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