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sexta-feira, 5 de julho de 2013

Sim: Effy Stonem from The Skins

Two days ago innocent-madness asked me "Can you make effy stonem from the skins uk, a sim? :3"
And I was like: that´s actually a pretty good idea! (But then I never created a human based sim before...not sure if this will work out) Anyway I decided to take a chance and make my own version of Effy. I didn´t loose a lot of time picking up her outfits or her traits cause I wanted to focus on her physical apperance, which turned out...funny *ahem* but hey I did my best!
So today I bring you Elizabeth Stonem, Tony´s little sister, known as the ultimate femme fatale from all the Skins seasons. She is quietly dangerous and super hot so you better watch out for her.

Everything you need for her is inside the download folder but here´s a cc list anyway:º Fishnet Socks (SIMPLE) by Arwen0423 º Eyebrow 121127 by Cstylesº Cazy Hair #90 retexture by Jennisimsº Autumn Lace Boots by Elexisº Short Nails by Aikea Guineaº Lip N55 and Eyes N60 by Tifaº Freckles part 1 by Vasillaº Skin Naughty by Lady Frontbumº Eyeliner (not sure which number, but the download has it all) by SLUº Eye Baggage by robokitty (Kitty Klan)  
Here´s the original Effy ^_^

Download Effy Stonem by JuBa_0oº
And follow me on tumblr if you think life should be lived skins style! xD Have fun!

8 comentários:

  1. I actually really like that you made your own version of her :) kaya scodelario is gorgeous but so is your sim. I definitely share your love for skins :) thank you for sharing :)

  2. Where can i find this cigarette poses?

  3. Thank you anon :-) Skins has it all right? I wish I could live in their world just to experience it xD
    And thank you Mediterranean, the poses are from Happyme77, here´s the link:

  4. Thank you so much :)
    Do you know that you just followed me on tumblr? XD

  5. Please make more sims, becouse Effy is great!
    Sorry for this spam but i really love this work ;)

  6. Haha no actually I didn´t notice it was you xD I won´t forget it now! :-) Ooh thanks, that´s really nice of you, like I said before, I tried my best but I think this was a lucky shot hahah, I think I´ll stick to poses and clothes at least for now xD (sorry for the late reply, I went travelling)

  7. I love your creation. I had a big break, so I was not enough to notice. And so I came to look sxe. Again, I was very surprised. Beautiful work :)


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