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domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Rule of Imps pose pack

Hallooo ;-)
New pose pack for you inspired by Rule of Rose: Rule of Imps pose pack by JuBa_0oº

Have fun!
By the way, is there someone interested in a skin suggestion? I´m crazy looking for someone to make me one like these:one, two, three examples. Please leave a message if you do!  >_<

Download Rule of Imps pose pack by JuBa_0oº

sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2012

Future projects...

Hey there, I just felt like stopping by and tell you a bit about my future projects :-P
So right now I´m working on a pose pack inspired by some pictures of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, besides that I just finished another pack last week inspired by The Rule of Rose (I wanted to do something with those annoying little Imps). I´m also gathering some drawings about the insane children from Alice the madness returns like I said I would. I still have some old pose packs to upload but I need to re-make some poses and that´s something I really don´t like to do, so I´m trying to find some inspiration...oh and I also have some picts to start my first "romance" pack uuhhuuh! Well and that´s it, hope you guys like the results when you see it :-)

domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Dangerously Cute Pose Pack

Hello people, just dropping by to leave you a new - and yet old and quite simple - pose pack.
Dangerously Cute Pose Pack at your service. Have fun!
Note: I had to make tiny little changes in some of the poses to get this uploaded at MTS (still in moderation), I´m feeling a bit lazy about changing the pictures, so I´ll just replace the link under the images for download.  I had to remove the bubble words but at least now the poses are updated. :-)

!UPDATED! 05/05/12 (small changes on some poses)
Download Dangerously Cute Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº

quinta-feira, 12 de abril de 2012

Wake Up! Pose Pack

Here´s another pose pack for you guys, hope you like it! Soon it will also be available at MTS.

Download Wake Up! Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº

quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2012

Double Trouble Pose Pack

I´ve been working on this pack for a couple of weeks now, it´s one of my favourites :-)
To use this pose pack you must read some notes:


-These poses were created through blender with an adult female rig, but they can be used with adult males and teens (both gender) as well.
-The mesh has been distorted in order to create these poses, but don´t worry, you can use a regular sim to perform them, no special requirements.
-Some clothes may not look very well with the poses, ex: dresses and skirts.

-You can use all poses with all types of sims (skinny, slim and fat) except for poses #1 and #2, the hands position doesn´t look right in a fat sim.

-They were not created to be used separately! But feel free to do it if you wish.

So, I guess that´s it, have fun with my Double Trouble Pose Pack

Download Double Trouble Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº

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