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domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Dangerously Cute Pose Pack

Hello people, just dropping by to leave you a new - and yet old and quite simple - pose pack.
Dangerously Cute Pose Pack at your service. Have fun!
Note: I had to make tiny little changes in some of the poses to get this uploaded at MTS (still in moderation), I´m feeling a bit lazy about changing the pictures, so I´ll just replace the link under the images for download.  I had to remove the bubble words but at least now the poses are updated. :-)

!UPDATED! 05/05/12 (small changes on some poses)
Download Dangerously Cute Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº

15 comentários:

  1. Kawai! :3 lol I love the cute-girl anime feel you gave these! Lol I quit trying to upload to MTS. It was WAY too much trouble changing domething to fit someone else's opinion on ONE site. But excellent job!

  2. Yhea, they´re a bit rough sometimes, but I think it´s for the best right? :-P Thanks for the comment :-)

  3. They're so cute!!
    Is this included the list?

  4. I love these oh my gosh, I hope you make more! xox

  5. I'm huge fan of all your poses! These one are perfect, as always! Thanks. Please keep creating great poses :)

  6. my friend going to like this.thanks for sharing :)

  7. Sorry, when i install it i do all the thing the instructions say, but i do not see te pose player in the decorations icon in the game! some help?

  8. That´s because I don´t have the pose player uploaded along with my poses. You can get it here:
    You can follow my instructions to install it since it works the same way, or you can read the instructions from the link above.
    Post again if you need more help :-)

  9. I just wanted to say that I did a download marathon of your poses. They are all so varied and nice, especially great for some story scenes too (such as the Rule of Rose/Imps one).

    Thank you!

  10. A download marathon? lool xD it´s so nice to know that, thank you so much Mura! I also love the poses you´ve made so far so I´m still waiting for more updates on your blog ;-)


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