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domingo, 19 de maio de 2013

Lipstick Pose Pack

As promised guys, here you have my

"Lipstick Pose Pack" to use with my latest release
"Lipstick as an accessory"
I wanted to make this pose pack for quite a while actually, I don´t think we have something like this for sims 3 yet, so yhea have fun :-) Read the notes (inside the download), respect my policy and follow me on tumblr if you support my creations. Right now I don´t have a lot of time to update my poses section and all, but I will as soon as this week ends.


(I also would very much appreciate a comment with your feedback, I´m going to try and bribe you with this cool video I´m listening for three days in a row because I want to make a cover out of it)

5 comentários:

  1. This is really cool. Will definitely have to some pics with these :D:D

  2. Thank you JS and Blondechaos!! And I definitely want to see them! xD

  3. Amazing.

    Just wondering... when I use the pose there is no lipstick. How do I get the lipstick to be in my Sim's hand?

  4. You have to download the lipstick (check my previous post "Lipstick as an accessory") and add it like any other accessory in sims 3
    Message me again if you still have trouble with it :-)


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