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segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2014

Digital Face Accessory

Long time no see guys, im still active though, Im running a check on the latest comments so if you´re waiting for a response from me, check your reply below it :)
I have seen some pictures about this really great game I have been expecting - Dreamfall Chapters: The Loungest Jorney - and I noticed this weird digital thing on someone´s face: 

And basically, this is where the idea came from (all credit to it). This is a brand new mod, meaning it was created from scratch so if you want to use it, ask me first - as usual.

Don´t forget to read the notes, and comment if you would like to leave a feedback about it ;) have fun!

º download link º

º Notes º
- Teen - Elder
- Male/ Female
- Accessory = Necklace
- Five textures 

4 comentários:

  1. Wow, gorgeous work!
    I'm really love this game(can't wait for release), it's masterpiece! And I've seen "lets play" of the Dreamfall: The Loungest Journey XD

  2. Thank you ANnEV, it is indeed a beautiful game! :-D I´ve played Dreamfall: The Loungest Journey and if you haven´t, I really think you should ´cause it a-ma-zing! Thanks for the comment ;)

  3. please please fix your link this is so good I really want it PLEASE

  4. Yes! Please fix this link .... PLEASE


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