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sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2015

Oyster Show - Doll & Sculptures

I´m finally done with the oysters! (so far...)
I went crazy when Lillaarith let me use these meshes, I just couldn´t resist THEY ARE SO FRICKIN´ ADORABLE!
Anyway, you have 4 sculptures all with different poses and three different textures (one of them is fully recolorable, all available as "plants" in the decor section of Buy Mode) 
You have a cute little doll for your babiezzz! (^_^) (also with three textures, one fully recolorable, available as a toy in the infants section of Buy Mode)
Please note that the original mesh was made by Lillaarith and its for sims 2 (her tumblr is known as Titania´s Delusion, check the sims 2 version of this mesh in here) . 
So just to be clear this is a conversion for sims 3
> Check the images in full size by clicking on them <

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  1. Aw thank you Kay, I´m so happy to hear that ^_^ I really loved these oysters!!


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