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sábado, 21 de setembro de 2013

Rollerskating Team Pose Pack and Rollerskates

hey guys! Guess what?
Im not homeless anymore! lol
I finally found a house in Istanbul for me and my friends while we are here in erasmus, it wasn´t easy let me tell you...
Anyway here´s another gift for you to celebrate, its a small pose pack but I think you still dont have a lot of rollerskating stuff around the community, so if you like to have your sims rolleskating all the time, here you have. Don´t forget to actually download the rollerskates and not only the pose pack, and you will need

One More Slot Please! by Granthes - here is a link to it. 

(click on the pictures to make them larger)
RollerSkating Team Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº - Download

Rollerskates by JuBa_0oº - Download

have fun :-)

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