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domingo, 29 de setembro de 2013

"All About Swag" - Pose Pack and Accessory

I feel like we are going to enter some dark ages named Miley...

Anyway here´s a little something to let your sims get in the spirit ;-) 
Have fun and respect my policy
(click on the pictures to make them larger)

ººº Info About The Content ººº

>>> Pose Pack (2 poses, pose list available)
>>> Money Accessory:
- Female/ Male
- Teen/ Y. Adult/ Adult/ Elder
- Accessory > bracelet
- Recolorable
- Mesh by JuBa_0oº

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5 comentários:

  1. excellent poses
    But everyone on the Russian forums interested in one and the same question: what is this unusual hairstyle?

  2. Hey anon, thank you.
    This hairstyle is mine but I haven´t released it yet because the texture looks horrible :-/ Im using it but its not ready to be uploaded, Im still doing some tests with it.

  3. Do you still have the accessory? the link is broken


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