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º About JuBa_0oº

Hey there,
You can call me JuBa_0oº - portuguese, female, 22 years old
I´ve been playing sims pretty much since I was born (thats how i feel like anyway) and a couple of years ago I started entering sims 3 contests and making stories. Because of that, I felt an urge to create my own stuff for the photoshoots - clothes, accessories, poses, etc - these mods were my own mark on the sims comunity and eventually I decided to share them.

º0o Contact Me o0º
- Send a message via ask in my tumblr - here- OR
- Send an email to

2 comentários:

  1. the picture you have as a 'profile picture', there is missing an eye. how and where did you get that?

  2. Hey wtfsimmer, that pose is unavailable for download, but I have another one pretty similar to that in my Scary Tales Pose Pack, check it in my ºPOSES page :)


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