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segunda-feira, 23 de março de 2015

Norwegian Dress (4 Adults and Children!)

Hey guysssss!
This is something I felt making ever since I created my Yuzuki hair (the one with braids from the pictures above) so a few days ago I decided "ok I really have do it now" because I also want to release Yuzuki hair for like, an year or so. So this is my excuse to put it all uploaded for you simmers :-)
Today I´ll just leave with these norwegian dresses, but dont worry, the hair´s coming soon too!
Have fun!

(click on the pictures to see them in full scale)

ºo0 Notes 0oº
- Female only
- Child; Young Adult; Adult
- Recolorable
- All morphs

(download folder contain both adult and child dress separately)

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