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domingo, 28 de outubro de 2012

Insane Children Pose Pack

Alright here I am again! xD sorry for the lack of updates, university is driving me crazy, I have two musicals to do and a lot is going on with the scripts :-P anyway, I´m here to upload my long-promised pack: the Insane Children pose pack! It´s pretty small but I think you will forgive me just this once...
Well, have fun and comment if you´d like to leave a feedback or something (and please do because you know you will make me happier!!).
Next week (or maybe the one after that) I´ll release the insane make up you see in these pictures. (uhUu...)
Mad Alice rules!! xD

- Hair and clothes from the sims 3 EP´s
- Insane Make up by JuBa_0oº (it will soon be released!)

-You can use these poses with children (and children ONLY)
-You can use these poses with girls or boys :-3
-Press ALT to freely move the sims around, and "moveobjects true/on" cheat to pick them up.

- Place the ".packages" files inside your Packages Folder (Before running the game);
- Buy pose player from the decor section;
- Click on the pose player and choose the "Select a Pose" option, and select your pose :-)

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