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domingo, 30 de setembro de 2012

Scary Tales Pose Pack

Wow it looks like it´s been ages since my last update...I´m so sorry guys but with school going on I just don´t have time for new mods :-(
This next pose pack is actually a tumblr followers gift (and it´s 50 followers late lol). I was inspired by some of the Grimm tales and other funny stories I´ve been reading the whole summer, so that´s it! Please read the NOTES (they´re really important for this pack) and I hope you like it :-)

You can use these poses with teens, young adults, adults, and elders. (and children if you want them to be disfigured);
You can use these poses for women or/and men;
Press ALT to freely move the sims around, and "moveobjects true/on" cheat to pick them up;
Some of these poses are disfigured, but you can use any normal sim to perform them;
For the eyeball poses you have to use the default eyes from the game (I do not mean the contact lenses but the actual shape of the eye) otherwise the eyes position in the hands will be different from the ones you see in the pictures above;
For the a_the_sigil_1 pose, you should always use a bold sim.

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